Company History

Sun Tours, founded in 1978, has been active in the incoming & outgoing tourism segment, ‎enjoying dynamic year-on-year growth in arriving or departing passenger volumes, granting ‎delightful travel experiences to its ever growing base of clientele, being corporate or leisure ‎travelers alike.‎

Capitalizing on the growth derived from new destinations and the evolving global tourism market, ‎including many new source markets, Sun Tours has positioned itself as one of the most ‎extended and geographically diversified service providers throughout the Jordanian travel ‎network and regional travel agencies, directly serving more than 25 markets.
The vision of the founder for valued and competitive services, paired with a personalized client ‎experience has yielded long term partnerships and success. Now, with utilization of technology, ‎online infrastructure and unparalleled commitment to quality, keeps us on track to lead the ‎company’s future for growth with great confidence.‎

General Manager 
Belal Shkakhwa

Word of Mouth

Dear Partners, Colleagues, and Friends; Sun Tours has
positioned itself today as one of the leading travel
agencies in Jordan. It has never compromised on the
quality, and the services provided to each client.
I believe that we are a company to be relied on, because
Sun Tours is capable of meeting any Tour Operator’s
requirement while keeping each client happy and satisfied
through providing professional and high quality services
exceeding their expectations. With the few words said, you
are all welcomed to join the world of Sun Tours for a
wonderful trip.


Up keeping Efficiency, Flexibility and Quality Service with a Personal Touch, utilizing State of ‎the Art Technology, combined with a strong procuring edge and value proposition to best serve ‎our clienteles needs, to create memorable and trustworthy travel experiences.‎‎


Sun Tours understands the challenges of the modern tourism industry and knows that planning, ‎developing and adapting destination resources to the evolving needs of the market is the key to ‎success. We take all developments in the tourism business into consideration, invest in new ‎infrastructure and offer both leisure and business travel services through carefully crafted ‎solutions and competitive offerings. Coping dynamically with new and continuously changing ‎market demands and consumer behaviors. We’re committed to offer value for money paired with quality offerings and a high level of ‎personalized services in order to achieve total client satisfaction. We want our partners and ‎ourselves to grow profitably in our respective domains as well. We firmly believe in consistency, and exceeding our clients’ goals and expectations by striving ‎for excellence in everything we do.‎ ‎

Our Network

Our reach spans throughout the worlds continents and provides travel support and management ‎services globally. Apart from the areas covered directly by our head office in Amman, our ‎operations throughout Jordan & the global destinations we serve are attended by a network of ‎carefully selected sub-agents, servicing Sun Tours’ requests & operations, while maintaining the ‎quality & efficiency standards throughout the travel cycle for our clientele.‎

What We Offer

Firsthand knowledge and personal service are at the core of everything we offer our clients. Our ‎Travel consultants are highly experienced and therefore their knowledge is extensive in this ‎competitive and ever changing market.‎

Our Affiliations

We are proud to be part of the following organizations